Microsoft Powershell Vbscript And Jscript Bible -

microsoft powershell vbscript and jscript bible william - microsoft powershell vbscript and jscript bible william r stanek james o neill jeffrey rosen on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers packed with more than 300 sample scripts and an extensive collection of library functions this essential scripting book is the most thorough guide to windows scripting and powershell on the market, microsoft vbscript step by step ed wilson amazon com books - get guidance from a well known scripting expert and teach yourself the fundamentals of microsoft visual basic scripting edition vbscript this tutorial delivers hands on self paced learning labs to help you get started automating microsoft windows administration one step at a time, how to use the windows scripting host e command line - the e argument is used to specify the script language rather than the path to the script host executable but if you use standard file extensions js for jscript and vbs for vbscript windows script host will automatically detect the script language and there s no need to use the e argument