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passing on the right conservative professors in the - passing on the right is about the problems conservatives have in academia dominated by liberal and conflict theorist once called communist professors, opinion a confession of liberal intolerance the new - we re big on diversity but not when it comes to conservatives in academia that s wrong, hey liberals and conservatives do you agree with this - conservatives take responsibility for themselves and liberals just want a handout, unconscious reactions separate liberals and conservatives - unconscious reactions separate liberals and conservatives psychological insights might tone down the bitter feuding between democrats and republicans, the american scholar on political correctness william - there is one category that the religion of the liberal elite does not recognize that its purpose one might almost conclude is to conceal class, what is the difference between a liberal and a - liberals care about what you do in public and aren t afraid to use the government to make sure that you are being well behaved in public regulations higher taxes social programs medical for all making life better for people and not letting weapons of war into the hands of private citizens, 5 ways to turn a liberal into a conservative at least - by chris mooney a science and political journalist blogger podcaster and experienced trainer of scientists in the art of communication he is the author of four books including the just released the republican brain the science of why they deny science and reality and the new york times bestselling the republican war on science, all american colleges top schools for conservatives old - find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for all american colleges top schools for conservatives old fashioned liberals and people of faith at amazon com read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users, why hate the koch brothers part 1 freakonomics - charles koch the mega billionaire ceo of koch industries and half of the infamous political machine sees himself as a classical liberal so why do most democrats hate him so much, why are many millennials attracted to progressive politics - because in america over the past decade or two the political system has become incredibly polarized and i am not afraid to say that right now there is a good side and there is a bad side, bourgeois values scandal tars law prof national review - professor amy wax image via youtube two law professors face racism sexism and homophobia charges for urging americans to act responsibly w ere you planning to instruct your child about the value of hard work and civility, why i blew the whistle on moody julie roys - the main reason i blew the whistle on moody is simple i felt god prompt me to do so and i knew i must obey god rather than men, why the us will still be the only superpower in 2030 v2 0 - stalker china has benefited from having its economy appear to grow even faster than it is due to an appreciation of the yuan these are one time benefits that do not occur each year, fearful symmetry slate star codex - the reason you dont see it is that it s boring i dont really want to read everybody displaying their self awareness before their audience by questioning their own mind out loud this is a performance but sometimes the trick is better seen than the actual evidence that should speak for itself besides this is what you do before you write, democrats and republicans switched platforms fact myth - the american political parties now called democrats and republicans switched platform planks ideologies and members many times in american history, against tulip subsidies slate star codex - generally contemporary trailers lose out in the long run because in most trailer parks you do not own the land modern trailers are more correctly called manufactured homes and are built according to federal rather than, sheri klouda gender discrimination federal law and the - sheri klouda gender discrimination federal law and the law of christ in the sbc and swbts, why just one personality type guarantees success do you - your personality type determines your success yikes that s an idea that shouldn t resonate with anyone who reads this blog entrepreneurs are notoriously optimistic regarding our ability to overcome the cultural and biological conditioning that prevents us rocketing to success, votes and vowels a changing accent shows how language - i ve been watching the increasing political polarization here in texas for over 40 years when i was a child the state was socially liberal but fiscally conservative in general but it s flipped 180 degrees over the years don t tell rank and file conservatives that the gop is fiscally liberal even though it has been since the, friday funnies funny quotes funny stories and funny videos - friday funnies with great power comes great electricity bill be careful when you follow the masses sometimes the m is silent twitter cancels over 1 million accounts per day over 70 million canceled so far all real news conservatives and moderates